Goodbye Fear, Hello Happiness

Goodbye 2016… you kinda sucked.

This year has been one crappy event after another. From Trump to terror attacks, I will not be sad to see 2016 end.

But in a year of one hit after another nationally, I have grown both professionally and personally.

In 2016, I stopped letting my fears dictate my life.

With all the stuff going on around me, I decided that I was going to start making sure I do all the things that make me happy because frankly, and I do hate to use the phrase, You Only Live Once and I was determined to make the most out of the time that I had.

Unfortunately, that started with a little bit of therapy.

In a small room with a comfy couch and a women scribbling away, I let go of all of the things that were holding me back.

And I cried… a lot.

But when those tears subsided, I got to work.

It was in January of 2016 that I decided to take my trip to Australia in spring of 2017. I have always wanted to do a semester abroad through my university but something always seemed to hold me back. I would tell myself that I had no time, no money, and though that was somewhat the case, I knew the truth.

I was scared.

That wasn’t going to stop me anymore.  I was going to put my anxieties aside and take the plunge because I knew I would always regret it if I didn’t.

And I was done with regrets.

Fear is my biggest hurdle and I can’t say I jump them all the time, but now my wins out number my losses.
As I was Planning my australia trip, I was also traveling. Once to Canada for a not-so-spring-break holiday with my best friend and then an impromptu 2 day trip to Chicago where a lot went wrong but at least they had a Zara.

This year I also became the Feature Editor of the student newspaper on my college campus.

14232642_1261148623916071_5437527914188086941_nI have known since I turned the last page of my first novel read that I wanted to write, but I still had a lot to learn. Including one important lesson.

Saying that you’re a writer means that you have to write.

I had written academically but the thought of more than a few people reading what I wrote made the pen stop moving.

When I was offered the Feature Editor position I knew I was going to have to write for an audience, and be proud.

For me it was a rocky start. I felt like I was so unprepared, only having what I thought was good writing skills and no InDesign knowledge, but I knew that the other people around me in that newsroom had my back, even when I asked all of those stupid questions.

Now I can say that not only have I grown exponentially as a writer, I have gained life experiences that I would never have had if it was not for that position in all of its low and high points.

This year also marked the one year anniversary of when I came out as Bisexual to my family and what a difference a year can make.

There isn’t anything like having a family that loves and supports you, a job that you love, and two countries that make you hopeful.

2017 is only 13 days away, and I feel prepared, happy and so excited for what this next year will bring me, while also remembering that success can come with a rocky road and many breakdowns but that just makes the end result that much sweeter.

So 2017, bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Fear, Hello Happiness

  1. Devin Benko says:

    Katie, I know just how hard you have worked to be where you are today. The challenge of overcoming your anxiety and fears has only made you stronger and more resilient. Over the last 6 years I have seen you grow so much as a person. Even though you have transformed into the proud, outgoing person you are today you have always remained a very honest, caring, and loyal friend. You will have the time of your life while visiting Australia! Do not let anyone, including yourself, stand in the way of the many opportunities that will be given to you during your time abroad! Enjoy and make the most of everyday you spend in Australia because you goddamn deserve it.


  2. Helen says:

    Hey Katie…
    …you spring from such a strong, intelligent and kind hearted family đź’—… how lucky that you have some there, and some here…the risk must come before the reward….Spread your wings girl…our arms are open… love Paige & Helen xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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