Dear friend #1:Where only boats can go

Two days ago I had an experience that I will never forget.

I snorkeled two reefs along the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia. Yes that’s right, Australia! I actually made it.

50 university students and I piled onto a catamaran and set off on a two-hour journey into the open ocean. Along the way controlling bouts of seasickness and nausea, but mostly feeling the warm sun on my skin and wind tangling through my hair.

Than came the fun part, squeezing into a wetsuit, flippers and some very attractive snorkel goggles, waddling to the ladder and stepping into the deep blue.

Ok listen, I’ve swam in the ocean before, tasted the salt of the sea and have seen a coral or two in my day but nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you’re in a place of such vast beauty and significance.

The water masking mountains and cliffs of different coral, housing hundreds of different animals.

Within those depths I saw things that I had never thought to see, the ocean alive. Full of fish of all colors, even some with no color at all, a starfish the size of my face, and even a bashful stingray coating itself in sand to tuck itself away.

It was magical and I reveled in the experience. I may have even gasped or screeched a few times at some of the sights I saw making me swallow water from around my mouth piece.

After, I sat on a beach, waist deep in cool relief from the heat and smiled because this was only the beginning of an eventful four months in the most beautiful place in the world.

Talk soon,


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