Dear Friend #2: A Mosquitos Dream

Theres nothing like getting lost in the forest.

At the time it felt like a great idea, becoming one with nature and seeing Australian animals in their natural habitat and it was for the most part… until it wasn’t.

It started as well as it could have. It was a 90 degree day and the sun was high in the sky when the Uber dropped two other girls and I off at the Coobabah Koala trail. We were armed with high-resolution cameras and backpacks, clad in athlesture and ready to snap the upcoming wildlife.

The first kangaroo sight was exciting, the animal disinterested in our presence and once we took pictures, we were on our way. It continued like this for about an hour, seeing kangaroos, koalas and a flighty kookaburra. As we continued to walk, the sweat rolling down our backs, we hit a dead-end and could no longer go straight. Right or left, that was our choice, neither stating if they were the continuation of the koala trail that we had been trekking on since the beginning.

So we chose. I have to say, I don’t remember which way we decided to go but either way, it was the wrong choice. Once on this new unnamed trail we were introduced to tree cover, and with the tree cover come the mosquitos.

When a say that I interacted with about a hundred mosquitos that day, I’m not lying. They started to swarm. I had at least 10 mosquitos on me at all times. It became normal to slap each other, at this point we knew that it was to kill the insects that were claiming us for its lunch and not in malice. All the while we were getting eaten alive, we were lost and hoping at every turn that there would be a sign directing us to safety. No such sign came, instead we wondered, an hour passing, the beautiful nature and wildlife becoming an afterthought to the heat and itch of our bodies.

dcc_0057In the end we had to find the original koala trail that we started with and do back through it until we made it back to the road, sunburnt, tired and a little irritated.

Though getting lost was an inconvenience, that day I took many beautiful pictures of the native animals and landscape surrounding me. So, not only was it worth it for the pictures that I took, but now I have this story. I mean who else cam say that they got lost in the Australian wilderness, and got attacked by a hundred mosquitos?

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