Dear Friend #3: A Slice Of Sydney

When people think of Sydney four things come to mind. 1. the Sydney Opera House, 2. Harbor Bridge. 3. Bondi Beach and of course 4. 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Though I would have loved to try to find that legendary dentist office, I only managed the first three things on that list.

I got to Sydney very late on Thursday, but the real fun started on the Friday.

First up was Bondi beach.


After an hour of trains and buses we arrived. The day was sunny and hot so the beach was full of tourists and locals alike. With the sand between my toes I trudged to a vacant spot on the beach with my friends and there we laid for hours, only getting up to brave the surprisingly cold surf to cool off our burning skin. As the day turned to afternoon and the sky started to gray we knew we would have to make our way off the beach and back to our respective hotels before it started to rain but first we had to make a stop. On Bondi beach there is a pool that sits right on the ocean called the Iceberg pools (you’ve probably seen it on Instagram) and our group was keen to see it.


This pool is actually somewhat in the ocean so when a wave hits the side of the pool, everyone on the edge gets hit and it was one of the main reasons I wanted to see it, and have a go and it was definitely worth the $10 that I paid to get in.


The next day it was time to go to the CBD but first we headed off on a little detour to Coogee beach to go see the cliffs.  This is where I may or may not have jumped a couple of fences to get good pictures…But look at that! I had to… and I didn’t die so its fine.


Once Down in the CBD (Downtown Sydney) it was time to find Harbor bridge. On this day it was supposed to be cloudy and rainy so we decided against sunscreen, instead it was sunny and hot and we got sunburnt.  The walk to the bridge was long and tiresome but when we finally pushed ourselves up the last of the 200 stairs to the top of one of the bridges pillars it was all worth it. From the top we could see the top of Harbor Bridge, the harbor and the Opera house, it was beautiful.


Next was the thing that we had all been waiting for, the Sydney Opera House. Knowing that we wanted to go inside the Opera house, we had booked a walking tour of it and we were all very excited to see what was in store for us.

When I walked in with my aching legs and tired eyes I marveled in how the inside of this spectacular building did not look like how I had expected it to at all. The inside was filled with exposed concrete and polished wood.


Though it didn’t like how I expected, somehow its unusualness fit and seemed perfect for the structure and I loved it.


The actual theaters were a marvel to experience.Everything filled with light wood and concrete.


Last thing we did that night was got to the top of the highest tower in the city and make in the view all around us.


At this point we called it a night, the giant day getting to all of us and I got Uber Eats to the hotel that night.

The Next and final day that we were in Sydney was Sunday and we hit the ground running knowing the only thing we needed and wanted to do on that day in Sydney was to go to the Mardi Gras festival and enjoy all of the LGBTQ+ pride that came with it.

The festival was filled with bright colors, tents and live music. We were going straight from the festival to the airport so we had to carry all of our baggage with us around the festival and all of us were pretty rundown and tired so we spend a lot of our time there on a blanket that was provided for us, listening to the living music and lying down.


I did however get enough energy to make my way over to the glitter stand and get my face glittered as a pride flag which I then wore to the airport with nobody batting an eye.


My time in Sydney was short and jam-packed with sightseeing and activities and though i was sleep deprived with sore muscles, I absolutely love my time in Sydney and I can’t wait to go back, Hopefully next time for a little longer.


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