Dear Friend #4: Home and Away

When I arrived at Bond University with my book bag weighing me down and lugging two heavy suitcases behind me, I was definitely nervous. Having only a week ago gotten off the horribly long flight from America to Australia, I was alone, tired, and scared about what Bond had in mind for me.

I was hardly a stranger to Australia, having been born and raised in Capalaba until I was 8 before moving to America and not returning for 10 years. When we finally did, there were only visits of two weeks and too many goodbyes.

It was in january of 2016 that I made the decision to study at Bond University for the Spring semester of 2017. I chose Bond because of many reasons. Reason one being that the university was by the beach. Ever since moving to Ohio I had longed to be back on the beach and Bond checked that for me. If I was going back to a country known for its beauty and beaches, I was going to take advantage of that. Reason two was that the university was only an hour by train away from my family in Brisbane and I wanted to get to know the family that I had been apart from for so long and reason three was that I knew Bond was a great university with small class sizes and engaged professors where I knew that I could grow as a student and person.

While at Bond I took three classes, Imagine and Photography, Fiction and Non-fiction Writing and Design Communications. As a Journalism and Promotional Communications major at my home university I was excited to explore my creativity through these classes and I definitely was not disappointed.  Imagine and Photography taught me all of the basics that I needed to someday become a great photographer. Not to say that class wasn’t difficult, trying to remember F-stops is hard. Fiction and Non-fiction Writing opened my mind to a different kind of writing that I wasn’t familiar with and took me out of my writing comfort zone to help me create pieces that I would never have been able to write before-hand, at least not as well. My favorite class by far was my Design Communications class. The class taught the “basics” of Photoshop and Illustrator. This class was my hardest by far, we were expected to do 6 hours of Photoshop and Illustrator outside of lectures and tutorials among classwork and assignments and the content was complicated but it was also so rewarding seeing something made from scratch come to life or after practicing something over and over again finally getting it right. With that class I made some great projects and also some very questionable projects but it was so fun to learn something that was entirely new.  It also helped that my professor for that class was great, always joking and making sure that we understood the content before he moved on. His extra assignments reflected his personality perfectly, like one assignment where I had to superimpose Mr. Beans face on to mine, that was interesting.

Outside of my classes, I also loved going to the Multimedia Lab to do work and with two of my classes we also had access to labs only for that course so I could always hunker down and find a quiet place to study.

I was never too far away from what I needed. If I was hungry I went to the Bra and ate a great meal that permanent Bondies take for granted, American university cafeterias would be a shock.

The campus itself is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen with its sandstone buildings, the arch and the stairs that lead to the picturesque canal though don’t lets it beauty fool you, there are bullsharks in there. unnamed (4)unnamed (9)

The four months that I went to Bond University will stay with me for the rest of my life as a great experience…

where I did things I never thought I would do, like flying through a Cyclone or snorking the Great Barrier Reef,unnamed (5)2

saws things that I’d only imagined, like the Sydney Opera House and Coogee Beach and Sydney Mardi Gras, unnamed-9unnamed-6unnamed (14)

and met people who I never would have met,unnamed (10)

and its all because I was and still am a Bondie.



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